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Didgeridoo Essentials - beginners course

f you want to learn about playing the Didgeridoo in Sydney, then this course is for you.
Monday 17 March - Monday 07 April 2014 . Tali Gallery, Sydney

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The primal pulse of didjeridu is most often heard barking out of the wild side of life as in Bone Man, the Gondwana album preceding Didj Heart. The heart felt tracks that make up this album owe their beginnings to the gentle music I played to my children for bed time at the age they were when the cover photo of them was taken: The Album is a collection of songs that seek to take you to the places and experiences that the tracks take their name from. Played with nuance the didj varies from being a buzzing dragonfly on a summer afternoon riverside to the trepidations of a wide space wanderer. This Gondwana band formation with Markus, Pasko, Marty and Anatoli has delivered acoustic performances that are like journeymen characters and features in the landscapes of the didji land I inhabit.

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Pasko Schravemade joins Charlie as Gondwana keyboard player for local gigs and festivals. See the tour page for details. Charlie and Paul met playing music as an activity for people with people with autism syndrome disorders.



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